Hello and welcome to “Isa’s Igloo”!

Firstly, I must give credit to my rather vivid imagination and a somewhat quirky view of life as being the inspiration behind the artwork that is “Isa’s Igloo”.

I have been making pottery for over 25 years.

I favour a textured clay, uncomplicated design and decoration, and bold colours. Mostly my work is sculptural and will sit happily either on a bookshelf or in the garden. Everything has a quirk, and will undoubtedly inspire comment!

In no way am I striving to create perfect or realistic pieces … my animals tend to display human characteristics, everything is a little voluptuous, pouty, cheeky and exaggerated – if you look closely you may even see a little bit of you or someone you know looking back at you!

Whether you’re searching for a special gift or something to brighten up your home, “Isa’s Igloo” offers a range of individual and different artworks guaranteed to bring a smile on your face! And remember, everything is handmade so can be made to order and personalised.

Please enjoy your wander through this site!